Already a part of the Hotspurs Family, we’re pleased to announce Abby Torres will be joining the Pittsburgh Hotspurs (WPSL) Women’s First Team.

Torres is entering into her 3rd season in the WPSL after 2 seasons with Coach Jordan and Tommo at Steel City FC.

“Through each stage of my career– from learning the game as a youth player, competing as a collegiate athlete, as a coach, through licensing courses, as a parent on the sidelines, and continuing on as a player –my passion and love for the game has only grown,” shared Torres whose son competes in the Hotspurs Academy. “I’m excited to continue to learn under the direction of the Hotspurs coaching staff and alongside my teammates.”

Coach Tom (Tommo) Ovenden looks forward to the experience Torres brings to the team.

“Abby’s a very clever player. She really brings great experience to the team and demonstrates the mentality and mindset the younger players need to have.

She’s a genuinely nice person – the type of person that defines the Hotspurs Family,” added Ovenden. 

Torres is Pittsburgh homegrown talent, having graduated from Fox Chapel (all-section and all-WPIAL) and competed with both Seton Hill and La Roche (received AMCC All-Conference both years at La Roche).

Photo Credit: Dymphena Clark

“I’m grateful for each and every opportunity I have to step foot on the field, whether it’s coaching, training, or competing,” shares Torres.

“The quality of the coaching staff is top-notch, and the talent and caliber of the women around me on the field is outstanding. I’m anxious to get back on the field with them and to pick up where we left off. 

“Each year, we have built on the previous year’s foundation, and we have become stronger and more successful with our style of play. As we continue to play and develop as a team, we’ll continue to have more and more success. 

Photo Credit: Dymphena Clark

Our region is incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity provided by Hotspurs for its youth athletes to aspire to play for a First Team and to continue to develop as players and students of the game. This wouldn’t be possible without the amount of heart and energy that Steph and Jordan invested into Steel City over the years. Seeing this full pathway come to fruition is exciting for the kids, the Hotspurs families, and the city of Pittsburgh. My family is looking forward to supporting the men from the sidelines and I’m looking forward to competing with the women on the field.”

The Women’s First Team kicks off their season at home on May 16th.

Info on upcoming tryouts for the Women’s First Team can be found here