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Foundation Phase Boys & Girls Programs

The Foundation Phase focuses on technical excellence & giving players the greatest opportunity and guidance to fall in love with the game.

This is achieved through utilizing small-sided games as the cornerstone to training. Players are forced to make decisions founded on their technical skillset. This way practices are fun and the learning is deeper and disguised within the game.

Overall, our coaching approach is similar to gardening -- 'we cannot force plants to grow, all we can do is provide the conditions for the growth and they will flourish’. Our soccer practices are the same way and revolve around a simple checklist of must-haves:

  • Does it look like the game?
  • Is it fun?
  • Does the session inspire players to train outside of practice?


Foundation Phase 1 (FP1) - U8, U9, U10

2015, 2014, 2013 birth years

$1,250.00 per year


Steel City FC U8-U10 players compete in a 5v5/7v7 league during the fall and spring season.

Players train primarily in a pool (for their birth year), and are tiered per session and games to accelerate individual player development and a love of the game.

Mid- August - Nov 1st
Nov - Dec
Jan- Feb
Feb- March
April -June

Foundation Phase 2 (FP2) - U11, U12

2012 & 2011 birth years

$1,950.00 per year


U11 & U12 players compete in the PA West league during the fall and spring season.

Players train in a pool (for their birth year). While competing in games as the Blue, Yellow, and White team.


Mid- August - Nov 1st
Nov - Dec
Jan- Feb
Feb- March
April -June

* Details of each program subject to slight change.

** Sibling discounts available upon request - contact playeraccounts@hotspurs-soccer.com

Additional Programming Opportunities

Private or small group training

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Steel City F.C. was founded to provide a developmental pathway for Pittsburgh-area players and to foster a love of the game while inspiring and challenging them to compete at their highest potential.

Together, we can move the game forward with passion, community, and connection.

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