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Tom 'Tommo' Ovenden

The Steel City FC Harmar site (previously Hotspurs SC Harmar) began calling Founders Field, Cheswick, PA home in 2015 upon coming under the direction of Tom Ovenden in 2015.

The Harmar site offers training opportunities to players from 5 years old through adults with the Steel City First Teams (competing in the NPSL (Men) and UWS (Women) playing their  summer season at Founders field.

Founders Field


101 Eisele Road

Cheswick, PA 15024

A Field - in front of field house

B Field - middle field near 2nd scoreboard

9v9/7v7 Field - farthest from parking lot

No Offseason Sports (NOS)

904 Little Deer Creek Valley Rd,

Russellton, PA 15076

Soccer 1 - closest to the road on right

Soccer 2 - closer to fence on left

Baseball 1 - on the left

Baseball 2 - closest to the road on the right

Pittsburgh Sports Complex (PSC)

307 Coxcomb Hill Rd

New Kensington, PA 15068

Futsal facility used primarily for winter training for our youngest players.

Steel City Fitness & Performance Center

904 Little Deer Creek Valley Rd,

Russellton, PA 15076

Located at No Offseason, the Fitness and Performance Center is utilized for our U15+ players for a dedicated off-field training session each week, small group training for players of all ages.

And a Fitness Center open to the public.

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steelcity fc new logo


Steel City F.C. was founded to provide a developmental pathway for Pittsburgh-area players and to foster a love of the game while inspiring and challenging them to compete at their highest potential.

Together, we can move the game forward with passion, community, and connection.

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