Mission, vision & story

Our Mission

Our mission is to play our role in the US Soccer development pyramid by always putting the player first, to ensure each and every player gets to play at their level to enhance their opportunity to develop, even if that means sending them to another program.

We strive to think differently and to consistently improve our program, ensuring we play our part in the player development pathway set out by US Soccer.


Our Vision

Our vision is to have long term player development at the forefront of everything we do.

To this end, our goal is to have 75% of our College Prep Phase players (U16-U19), to have been with the club at some point in the Foundation Phase U9-U12.

Furthermore, we want to continue to have our First Teams comprised of 50% homegrown players year-over-year.

We're the first club in Pittsburgh to offer a full development pathway.

With two established histories in the Pittsburgh soccer community as Pittsburgh Hotspurs SC and Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh, we came together as Steel City FC and continue to be leaders who push the game forward in the Pittsburgh area.

Our collaboration, which began in 2021, marked the start of a stronger, unified path—one that gives players from youth through adult an arena in which to showcase their skills at the highest levels in their own community.

We believe in teaching and playing a sustainable, attractive style of soccer.

Our approach fosters good long-term habits from an early age and yields consistent results in latter years.

We empower players to express themselves by encouraging positive attacking play, providing tools for defensive solidity and instilling a comfortability with team tactical concepts.

We always strive to think outside the box and our goal is to constantly evolve and to drive the game forward locally.




Metro (City)



Our Club's Journey

1980s - Hotspurs SC founded

One of the founding clubs of PA West Classic League. Formed 1 team per year under Leo Moss, often winning State titles.

1990s - Arsenal roots established

Beaver Valley and Pine Richland clubs aligned in 1997 to enter PA West's Classic division. Ed Ellsworth led the girls teams.

1990s - Hotspurs launches girls teams

Hotspurs, under Dan Grant & Ron Hitchens, welcomed like-minded teams while still functioning independently.

2001 - Arsenal FC formerly founded

Club launched with 5 boys teams, 3 girls teams. Established board of directors. Dan Brower & Mark Taylor join club.

2002 - Hotspurs expands to 6 teams

The club now spanned multiple age groups. Two teams earned recognition as National Indoor Champions.

2007 - Named 'Center of Excellence'

Was part of PA West’s U11 and younger ‘Centers of Excellence’ along with North United, Beadling, Penns Forest.

2008 - Advocates for change in PA West

Ed Ellsworth and Dan Brower approached PA West to propose multiple teams per age group at the Classic Level.

2011 - Mark Taylor named Club President

A statement moment in State Cup: every boys team making semifinals, including 5 finalists and 3 champions.

2014 - Arsenal adopts phase model

Embraced player-centered development approach; specialized coaches across ages. Jonathan Velotta joins.

2015 - Tommo Ovenden joins Hotspurs

Coach Tommo brought a vision to grow the club and established a dedicated long-term player development model.

2019 - Men's First Team launched

When an opportunity arrived to represent Pittsburgh in the NPSL, the club launched the Men’s FIrst Team.

2020 - Men's First Team wins first trophy

During the pandemic, the Men’s FIrst Team won the NPSL Member’s Cup, a 4–team regional tournament.

2021 - Steel City FC formerly founded

Arsenal and Hotspurs began to unify both clubs. Hotspurs SC launched its Women’s First Team.

2023 - Steel City Men win NPSL Conference

Men’s First Team reach NPSL Regional Finals. Women’s FIrst Team makes its first playoff appearance in the UWS.

How will the future look?


We will develop a homegrown player who will compete at the professional level.


Our First Teams will be comprised of at least 50% homegrown talent.


We will own our own training ground and match facility.


We will help top players to come play in Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh players to play internationally.