Cost Assistance


We have more affordable ways to play.

Keeping costs down and more money in your pocket is at the top of our list. We want players to be able to compete and enjoy the beautiful game.

Along with scholarships to families, we have  two programs to help put money back in your pocket.

Annual Raffle Ticket Sales

Our annual raffle supports our First Teams.

You directly earn $5 on each $10 ticket you sell.

  • Sign up
  • Get your tickets & start selling
  • Keep the money you earn
  • Submit your ticket buyers

Click the article to learn more and sign up.

SC Bucks | RaiseRight

Our optional RaiseRight program helps families offset their club membership costs with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

Members earn rebates through the sale/use of gift cards for everyday purchases from over 500 major retailers. Quarterly, these rebates get credited directly to your Steel City player's tuition.

In the past, families have saved over $500 on their club dues – with the most dedicated user saving over $1,100!

RaiseRight (previously Scrips) catalogs a list of the retailers which offer gift cards. The retailer list will show you the size of rebate that each company pays, typically as a percentage of the value of the gift card you purchase.

The total rebates that you earn from your order will be credited to your Steel City account on a quarterly basis.

The person buying the gift card gets 100% of the gift card value and you get the associated percentage of the gift card value applied to your account -- saving you money!!

For example, Olive Garden pays 8% in rebates. If you sell (or buy) $100 in Olive Gaden’s gift cards, you will get $8 credited to your players account.  If someone buys Giant Eagle cards, they get 100% of the gift card value and 4% of the value goes to your account.

The gift cards are delivered electronically to your wallet - so purchase and use instantly!

Help Others

Throughout the year, we hold a series of clubwide fundraisers for the Scholarship Fund. All funds raised through these fundraisers go directly to supporting families in the program.