Each year we host a raffle to support not only the First Team programs, but to support families in the club. When we come full circle, and it’s a club family that wins and they’re a supportive community member – we have to spread the word!

What’s this raffle thing and how do I get involved? Review here!

In the 2023 Raffle, of the three drawings, one winning ticket was sold and awarded the $10,000 prize! That winner, Danielle Staresinic, has been in the Pittsburgh area since 1996 when she first began working as a new optometrist in Lawrenceville. It wasn’t long after the Staresinic family got their taste of our beautiful game, and fully rooted themselves in the Pittsburgh-community! 

Start in soccer:

Our children started playing soccer with the Old Allegheny Football Club in Brighton Heights about 10 years ago. We loved the neighborhood feel of the “learn to play soccer” and that the kids could all play on the same team – girls, boys and different ages. As the kids aged out of the league, a real passion for the sport grew for one of our kids. So we sought an opportunity to play with Dynamo and also Steel City. 

We are now all rabid fans of the sport and really enjoy watching the kids work hard to improve their teamwork and soccer skills. 

The business – Lawrenceville Vision Care:

In 2001 I had the opportunity to buy the practice I had been working at in Lawrenceville since moving to Pittsburgh in ‘96. 

I love being the neighborhood eye doctor! I enjoy catching up with friends and families who’ve been coming to us for their eyecare for years. It also keeps me in touch with this rapidly changing growing neighborhood as new people move in and become patients.  

Everyday we get to take the time to meet our community members, neighbors, and families and help them feel confident in their eye care. We’ve always taken pride in being active community members and engaging with the businesses and programs that make our community what it is. 

When not at the pitch:

I’m a member of our local Rotary Club  – a service organization for people who like to help people. We run a spelling bee and deliver dictionaries, serve shelter meals, pack medical supplies and raise money for polio eradication and malaria detection.

I’ve been helping to coach the CAPA high school Ultimate Frisbee Team – Ultimate is my first passion and I’ll never stop chasing plastic! The kids are great and really have taken ownership of the program – really starting to run the team themselves! 

I play tennis with my buddies when I can and love to hike and camp with our Girl Scout Troop.